Timelessly beautiful hospitality.

The FLÜHLI Hotel Kurhaus has a fascinating history that dates back to centuries past. Originally built by Leo Enzmann in 1899, it began as a modest inn and evolved over time into a magnificent hotel that blends tradition, hospitality, and contemporary comfort.

Originally constructed as a resting place for travelers on ancient trade routes, the Kurhaus underwent numerous transformations over the years. It became a retreat for health-seekers who sought the healing powers of the surrounding nature and springs. In the following decades, the hotel underwent several renovations, always striving to preserve its historical charm while introducing modern amenities.

While preserving historical elements such as architecture and ambiance, the Hotel Kurhaus Flühli has evolved into a contemporary retreat for travelers seeking a connection to nature without sacrificing luxury. The hotel’s history is reflected in every detail, creating a unique atmosphere that attracts guests from around the world.

Today, the FLÜHLI Hotel Kurhaus is not only a place to stay but also a living chapter in the history of the Entlebuch region. Its tradition, innovative spirit, and warm hospitality make it an unforgettable destination for those who appreciate both the rich history and modern comforts alike.